Get a Little Farm Website

Does your Little Farm need a Website?

Most small farmers are do it yourself people, but technology can be confusing.

How about a fully functional blog or website, with a choice of great farm themed templates (or even a custom template if you want), and helpful instructions and support to get you through building a terrific website by yourself?

Firelight Web Studio has been in the small business website business since 2000. They not only excel in helping people build their own websites, they wrote the book on website standards for very small businesses. So you can be sure that they'll help you with all the stuff you NEED to know, without overloading you with stuff that isn't going to help your fledging farm business.

You can select from several choices:

1. Do it yourself Little Farm Blog. Lots of templates to choose from. Helpful instructions and phone or email support. $35 plus $10 per month. The only other thing you need to purchase is a domain name (or you can use a free subdomain -

2. Custom Themed Little Farm Blog (we make a custom site design for you). Same as the Do It Yourself Blog, but with a custom design, and we set up your About page, and give you a personal phone training session. $150 plus $10 per month.

3. Do it Yourself Little Farm Website. Create something to crow about! This website system can grow in any direction, it is modular, so you can add a store, a forum, or anything else you like. Starts with a Newsletter Manager, and Contact Form. Lots of templates to choose from, and helpful instructions and support. $65 plus $25 per month.

4. Custom Themed Little Farm Website. The same as the Do it Yourself Little Farm Website, except we create a custom site design for you, and we help with your About and Home pages. We also give you a personal phone training session. $250 plus $25 per month.

5. Full Service Little Farm Website. The same as the Custom Themed Little Farm Website, but we will help you set up a store with up to 10 products, and we will help you set up 10 pages (you can add as many as you want later, we just do the first 10 for you). You get 2 phone training sessions instead of just 1. $650 plus $25 per month.

All site packages include Free Business Class Hosting, terrific support, technical maintenance, and can have unlimited pages added to the sites. Your website can be moved to any good hosting if you decide you don't like working with us - this is NOT a system that traps you into paying us forever or having to rebuild your site! Firelight Web Studio believes that clients should truly OWN their own website, and should be able to make choices for themselves without being forced to do it our way. We give you the freedom to fire us if you want!

FREE WITH EVERY SITE PACKAGE: Marketing consultation and training session. We'll give you a consultation and training call (value $100), where we'll talk to you about YOUR strengths, and help you know what you will be naturally good at to market your site. We'll teach you how to maximize your marketing efforts so that you don't have to run around trying to market everywhere at once. We'll let you know what works and what does not for your particular focus. Our clients LOVE this call, it always leaves them feeling like they really can do it!

EVEN BETTER: We'll do a site analysis on request, up to once every six months! We'll look at your traffic, tell you what is working and what isn't, and help you get ideas on how to make it better. Another thing our clients just love, because it always helps them feel encouraged, and it helps them to know they are not out there trying to manage with no one to turn to. In fact, our clients that pay a monthly maintenance and support fee to us do better with their business for precisely that reason - they know that whatever they need, they have someone to turn to!

You won't just get a great website. You will get help from a company that knows how to help you get your site EARNING for you. We feel the same way about websites that we do about our farm - it has to produce.

Use our Contact Form to contact us about getting underway with your new Little Farm Website today!


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