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Firelight Heritage Farm Books

Enjoy the following instructional books for farming, gardening, and self-sufficiency:


The Scavenger's Garden - Growing Food from Groceries and Scraps

Life from the Garden - Grow Your Own Food Anywhere

Growing Microgreens for Home and Farm - Cutting the Cost of Microgreen Production

Medicinal Mushrooms - Traditional and Emerging Uses for More than 90 Edible Mushrooms

Profitable Mushroom Products - Mushroom Product Concept Booklet (A compilation of concepts and product instructions for small mushroom producers)

Starting a Mushroom Growing Business on a Shoestring - Cutting Startup Costs without Strangling Income Potentials

Raising Pigeons for Meat - Reviving the Forgotten Livestock


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Our books are available for Kindle, or in PDF format.

Keep watching, we have even more in the works on topics such as no-till gardening, zero-input integrated farming, raising insects and worms, raising butterflies and moths, small scale aquaponics, mushroom cultivation, and much more!


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Life from the Garden: Grow Your Own Food Anywhere, by Laura Wheeler No matter where you live, you CAN grow a garden!

Tips on growing successfully in any climate (including year-round), in any soil conditions or challenges, cost cutting techniques, and methods for growing no matter how little space you have.

Wherever you live, there is something edible you can grow to help your family. A simple little gardening guide that is quick and easy to read.

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