Microgreens are another crop that you can grow indoors. Microgreens are salad greens that are grown to the first or second leaf stage, usually a bit bigger than sprouts.

They can be grown in soil like wheatgrass, in hydroponics systems, or even on damp papertowels in the same manner as sprouts.

A kitchen counter, a sunny window, or a room with good light and good reflected light will be suitable for growing most microgreens. They are grown for such a short time that while good lighting will make them more lush and dense, they won't have time to get as leggy as longer growing plants.

Some microgreens, such as broccoli, cabbage, arugula, many lettuces, beets, turnip greens, and more, can be grown in very cold temperatures, meaning that an enclosed porch or unheated greenhouse may be sufficient in many parts of the US for growing them in the winter.

A shelf unit placed in the window can allow you to use vertical space for multiple crops. Just make sure the back is not shaded much, and turn the trays regularly, and rotate them top to bottom about once a week.

Microgreens do not grow long, so fertilizer is not as critical as it is with growing mature plants.

They are grown in trays, very densely. This means a tray may take an entire packet of seeds, or even more. This makes microgreens more costly where seeds are concerned, but they can be grown cheaply in other ways. Many seed companies now sell microgreen mixes, and seeds specifically for microgreens, and sprout seeds will work equally well.

They are packaged for sale in sandwich sized zip baggies, with a label. If you decide to sell them, use waterproof ink on the label - do not use an inkjet printer. Runny ink on the labels is not a strong selling point!

Microgreens are a great way to improve the health of your family year-round, and may provide a crop that you can sell, depending on your area. They sell well in some areas, not so well in others. They often sell better in the winter than in the summer.


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