Is Sourdough Starter really a crop? Absolutely. It grows if fed and watered, it dies if neglected, it can be dormant or in a growth phase.

The crop is Yeast, and the life cycle is just much faster than plants or animals.

There is also a limited market for Sourdough. One of the great things about it is that it can be dried, and revives very easily. Unlike Kefir where it has to be transported quickly, or takes a long time to revive, Sourdough Starter is far easier to reconstitute.

You can use it as either a salable crop, or as something to save money and share with friends. Either way, it makes you feel rich when you have something that costs so little to perpetuate, but which gives you so much.

It is a gift that not only provides a way to never have to buy yeast again, it helps a stressed person learn to slow down, and appreciate things that take time. What a wonderful blessing in this day of rushing to and fro and grabbing instant everything! A blessing many are in need of!

Sourdough starter may be obtained in an established start (we carry multiple types in our Mercantile), or you can start it yourself (just do NOT use commercial yeast to start it if you want a true heritage sourdough).

Once established (it takes about 5 days), your sourdough is ready to make bread, and can be refrigerated between uses, dramatically reducing the upkeep burden.

If you are trapped in an apartment, champing at the bit, ready to get out and do things on a farm, but unable to do so, Sourdough is one more thing that can help you feel like you are already starting to live the life.


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