Rather than give you the entire rundown on sprouting, I'll be referring you to another article which I wrote on the topic:


I will say, that I've been sprouting on and off for years, and that sprouts can provide a nutritious way to get fresh veggies for very little expense, any season of the year. A handful of alfalfa sprouts, with the tops greened up, provides a hefty punch - at one time, they got me through a time when my digestion was poor and I had almost no stored reserves in my body.

You can make salads from sprouts, or sandwiches from them. Either way, pretty much anyone can grow them, no matter what their circumstances. It is inexpensive to get started, and can even be done in home-made equipment. Sprout seeds seem expensive, but since you only use 1 tsp to 1 tbsp at a time, which yields 2-4 cups of sprouts, they give you a LOT of bang for the buck.


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