About Us

Kevin and Laura Wheeler are the parents to eight kids. They currently live in the wilds of Wyoming, and earn a real living as Webmasters for Small Business Owners. Kevin and Laura are new to the whole microfarming thing - well, sort of. Laura was raised on a home farm, and swore she'd never want to raise animals. Kevin was raised as a suburban city kid, and the only animals he ever dealt with in childhood were the family dog, and his sister's guinea pigs. Boy, has that changed!

It began with a greenhouse, and  rabbits, and grew from there.

All of the above information is subject to change at any time.


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Life from the Garden: Grow Your Own Food Anywhere, by Laura Wheeler No matter where you live, you CAN grow a garden!

Tips on growing successfully in any climate (including year-round), in any soil conditions or challenges, cost cutting techniques, and methods for growing no matter how little space you have.

Wherever you live, there is something edible you can grow to help your family. A simple little gardening guide that is quick and easy to read.

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