Rooftop Gardens

A tactic for gardening that is now being used in some cities, is rooftop gardening. Oh, not the old rooftop landscaping, but vegetable gardening.

Beds are built and filled with soil. Irrigation is supplied through water piping. Sometimes greenhouse structures are errected, and sometimes supports are installed for hanging baskets over the beds.

Using square foot gardening techniques, or block plantings, a large amount of produce can be grown in a relatively small space. Rooftops usually have good sun exposure, though there may be more wind, depending on the height and position of the roof.

It is not a small undertaking. It is being done, but requires cooperation from landlords, and often from other tenants in a building. Cooperative gardens can be difficult to manage, due to the tendency in individuals to be more enthusiastic about harvesting than they are about cultivating.

If sterilized soil is used, weeding becomes an almost non-existent task, which can make rooftop gardens very productive with far less work.


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