Homegrown Honey

There probably isn't much difference between organic honey, and the honey you can make yourself - at least not on the surface. And the actual difference will depend a lot on your circumstances. Because honey has a lot of "uncontrollables".

But there most likely is a lot of difference with some kinds, because a lot of commercial honey is grown in agricultural areas where many other commercial crops are grown. And that means pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, etc, all sprayed on flowering plants that are giving their nectar to the bees to make your honey.

And therein is the biggest uncontrollable for honey. Bees go where they like. They have a fairly wide feeding radius. So you may be in an area where there is a lot of clean blossoms, or in an area where the blossoms are largely polluted. Your homegrown honey may be worth gold, or not.

If you can raise bees in a location that provides wild or untreated plant forage for them, then you may be able to benefit a lot from growing your own.


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