Orchard Fruit

Ok, not all fruit comes from an Orchard. A lot of it comes from vines and bushes. But it is almost unilaterally more healthy for you if you grow it yourself. Your homegrown fruit is even better for you than Organic grown fruit.

Lately, it has been almost impossible to get good Gala apples. Some companies have started washing them in a detergent, which soaks into the apple, tastes nasty, smells bad, and gives me stomach cramps. Nasty stuff. They do this supposedly to reduce the risk of salmonella - so they are trading a remote risk of getting minimally sick, for a sure certainty of becoming ill from the detergent. So smell your apples. If they smell like detergent, don't eat them! If your sprouts smell like that, they have been treated also.

Non-organic foods have even more risks - many are sprayed with chemicals to slow decay. Apples and some others are coated in wax - we aren't quite sure what is in that, and I don't think I want to know.

Commercial fruit is also picked before it is ripe, which means it misses the chance to build the best nutrient compliment and flavor. You can pick your homegrown fruit when it is ripe enough to eat, and enjoy what food is supposed to taste like!

Growing your own fruit means you know what is on it. You don't have to put anything onto it that you do not want to EAT.


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