Garden Vegetables

Most people have no idea how many preservatives they eat through the course of the day. People who consider themselves to be healthy eaters are generally eating just as much as those who don't care. Because preservatives are hidden where you think they are not, and they are NOT listed on the label!

Right in your fresh produce. "Fresh" veggies from the grocery store are rarely fresh. And most of them have been treated with preservatives to slow down the aging process. No warning labels exist for this hazard. And it IS a hazard.

Don't believe me? Test it yourself.

Take a potato, and put it in your window. Put an organic potato in the window with it. See which one sprouts first, and most vigorously. Regular potatoes have NOT been bred to store longer, they've been sprayed with sprout inhibitor - the purpose of which is to stop the growth of living cells. Do you really think that stuff belongs in your intestines? Peeling does not help either. It absorbs into the potato. This chemical is in almost all of your food that has potatoes in it - french fries, potato chips, instant mashies, frozen potato products, canned soups, etc. If it isn't labeled "organic", and it has a potato, you can bet it has been treated.

Many other veggies are also treated with chemicals to make them last longer, appear to be ripe when they are not, etc. Many are coated in wax, which also contains preservatives.

Dried veggies are also heavily treated with preservatives. The only good dried ones are those that you do yourself, without chemicals.

Now, the debate between organic and non-organic produce has raged for years. They say there is very little difference between the herbicide or pesticide content of organic versus non-organic, and that is actually true! What they DON'T say, is that the Organic label also determines how it is handled AFTER it is harvested. And the stuff that is put on THEN is FAR more harmful than residues of chemicals applied and washed off in the fields - because the stuff put on after is NOT washed off, and it absorbs into the produce right there in transit. The real harm happens from those concentrated chemicals that are not aged out or cleaned off.

Even some organic fresh veggies are treated with "organic" preservatives, waxes, detergents, and other unhealthy additives. Not as much as the regular stuff, but enough so that you really can't trust someone else to decide what is healthy to put on your fresh food.

Grow it yourself, and you KNOW what is on it. You can control how it is grown, and how it is handled afterward.


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