Home Grown Meat

Did you know that most of the chicken and pork that you buy in the grocery store has curing salts in it? Curing salts are meant to kill living cells - so they don't do your gut any good. They are a prime cause of Crohn's Disease and other intestinal diseases, and contribute to cancer and other diseases. No joke, the science behind those claims is sound, and logical.

Much of the beef has artificial hormones or antibiotics in it as well. These can cause a range of problems for people.

Meats that are canned have been subject to high temperatures. This changes the proteins, and may cause problems for people with digestive disease. Even without that, beef, pork, and chicken are not the easiest forms of meat to digest, which may make a big difference for people who may be dealing with protein malabsorption (fairly common with Crohn's and other conditions).

Growing your own meat gives you complete control over how it is grown, and what happens to it between the field and the table. You have more choices in how clean your meat is, and how digestible it is, through choosing animals that are more digestible.

Muscovy Duck, Rabbit, Quail, and Veal are all more digestible than the usual beef, pork, and chicken. Goat can be more difficult to digest as far as protein comparisons are concerned, but still results in much cleaner and healthier meat than you'll get from the grocery stores.

Organic meats are reasonably good choices if you can't raise your own, but they are SO expensive. Raising your own meat can cost half, to a third of what organic meats cost.

For our family, we reached a point where the disadvantages of having to buy meat were so great that we simply felt we had no choice but to raise our own. The difference it made financially, just within weeks, and the difference it made to our health, was so great, there is no question about the value that it provides to us.


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