Farm Fresh Milk

About 80% of the milk sold in the US has artificial growth hormone in it, and residue from antibiotics. This stuff doesn't do us any good - the artificial hormones can wreak havoc with female hormones and are none too good for men, either. The antibiotics create antibiotic resistant bacterial strains, and harm us in other ways.

Pasteurized milk may also be a good thing for some people, but not for others. For people with digestive problems, cooked milk proteins may be more difficult to digest than uncooked ones. And natural bacteria in milk may be more helpful than harmful, especially for people with conditions that deplete natural good digestive bacteria (such as Crohn's).

Goat milk proteins are easier to digest than cow's milk proteins. When you control the supply of the milk, you can also control which form of milk you wish to produce.

Raising your own dairy animals gives you complete control over what goes into the animals, and how your milk is handled, and what goes into your dairy products. That's a good thing, and the health benefits are not by any means single faceted.

It is illegal in most states now to sell raw milk for human consumption. And often, when it is available for animal consumption, it has to have a dye added. So really, the only way to get raw milk, is to grow it yourself. A few states allow "dairy shares", where people combine to own an animal or group of animals collectively, and then share the milk. But the number that allow this seems to be shrinking, not growing.

It is a lot of work. But it makes a big difference, and can either help to alleviate nutritional and dietary problems, or help to prevent developing health problems.

Home produced milk can be hormone free, anti-biotic free, unpasteurized, and in the form that is best for your family.

That's worth a little extra work - or even a lot of extra work.


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