Muscovy Ducks

Small farm raised Pied (black and white) Muscovy Ducks and hatching eggs. Please inquire about availability.

Our Muscovies are not raised with other ducks, so there is no chance of getting an accidental cross breed. They are fed non-medicated feeds, and a high content of forage and scratch feeds (to keep them actively foraging). The meat is very good quality, flavorful and tender.

The coloring is predominantly black and white, though some have chocolate coloring on the breast. When the light hits the feathers, they have a lovely green or blue sheen. They train easily, to go in and out of their pen, and they herd easily if you move slowly.

All grown birds have had their primary flight feathers clipped. We do this by clipping the quills on the  individual feathers, and not by cutting across the feathers all at once. This leaves a cleaner appearance, which makes it easier to handle the birds without getting scratched. Federal law requires that the flight feathers on Muscovies be clipped. After they moult, you will need to re-clip the flight feathers - this needs to be done yearly.

Hatching Eggs - $5 each (seasonal availability only, may hatch any color of duck we currently have)
Ducklings - $7 each
Juvenile Ducks - $20 each
Breeding Age Ducks - $35 each ($60 a pair)

All Muscovies according to availability. Our flock is currently small, so availability is limited.

We do ship eggs in the US - Seasonal availability only. Muscovy eggs are difficult to incubate, best hatched under a hen. Shipping is as follows:

Up to 12 eggs: $15.00
13-24 eggs: $20.00

Shipping for ducklings and ducks is as follows:

Up to 25 day old ducklings: $15.00
Juvenile and Breeding Age Ducks: $118 per pair (covers live animal shipping box, plus Express Shipping) Ducks are shipped with fresh food for moisture during transit. We do not ship to AK or HI.

Please contact us through our Contact Page, for information on reserving Muscovy ducks or eggs.


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